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Often we receive orders for customized instruments with particular scales, notes, materials, frequencies, and styles. Our custom handpan allows you to customize the design, notes, and scale of your handpan for a personal touch.

Pricing for a 9-note total instrument in our Ember steel materials:

  • Ember steel – $920 USD
  •  Additional notes are $100 USD each

Pricing for a 9 note total instrument in our Stainless Steel materials:

  • Stainless Steel – $1400 USD
  • Additional notes are $100 USD each


Art of metal sound

Our custom handpan selection has been lovingly crafted to produce a rich, resonant sound unique to this instrument. Whatever scale you choose, you’ll hear the soul of the music resonate through every note.

Countless hours of dedicated craftsmanship have gone into tuning every note to perfection and ensuring the melody is enriched by a full timbre that reflects the art of metal sound.


Rustic with a dreamy finish

We achieve beautiful patterns without tarnishing the body with paint – this can affect the sound. The composition of metals when the handpan is heated determines its eventual color.

Different steels will produce blue, copper, gold, and silver finishes. When we design your custom handpan, we’ll help you create an instrument that sounds as stunning as it looks.


Selected carefully for optimal timbre, feel, and durability

Our handpans are made from the finest-quality nitrided and stainless steel. This gives them exceptional musical depth but also makes them durable and ensures they’ll remain perfectly tuned for many, many years.

When you play your handpan, the feel of the metal on your hands should be smooth, comfortable, and even. We take every care to make our handpans feel as wonderful as they sound.


Manual work from Artisan

It takes thousands of hammer strokes to perfectly craft and tune a handpan. Our artisan, Ivan, puts love and soul into every movement when crafting your custom handpan. From hammer to oven, every step must be given the utmost attention – that’s how perfection is achieved.

Only a master craftsman can create an instrument that resonates perfectly and lets the performer deliver a melody straight from their soul. When you choose our custom handpans, you’ll receive a beautiful instrument from a true master of the art, and you’ll be able to tell stories through your melodies like never before.

Custom Handpan Request!

Let us know what scale, notes, or features you have in mind for your custom order. Our skilled artisans
are ready to craft your perfect handpan!Fill out the form, and let’s create something extraordinary.

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