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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a Handpan & Information:

Quality, resonance, scale, size, colour, harmonics; there are so many different variables for choosing a handpan and enough to make choosing one harder than it really ought to be.
Generation 4s are by far leading the race of most popular handpans for now. This is simply because the Generation 4 Handpans are our best go-to option for beginners and anyone looking save a few hundred US$.
Handpan specialists claim that there is a direct correlation between price and the quality of their handpan when in actual fact, this is not true. Our Generation 7s are perfect examples of a handpan which boasts a greater sustain than some of the original handpans ever made so the best advice given to anyone looking to buy a handpan for the first time is to trust your heart and your ear. If a handpan sounds good for you, go for it.
All but a couple of our handpans come with a fabric bag which may be upgraded to a hard case at an extra cost. We also sell stools and mallets as additional items for your handpan learning experience.
All of your handpans are firstly, wrapped in bubblewrap, before then be protected in their case, then covered in bubblewrap again before being placed within the cardboard box along with polystyrene and more bubblewrap which is then all taped tightly together and then shipped with insurance and tracking.
What stand do you guys recommend that works well with your handpans?

Order and Shipping:

All of our Handpans come with a soft backpack-style carry case included in the box to make transporting your instrument safer and easier. We also include a hard protective cover to further protect the instrument during delivery.
From the date of purchase, customers can expect to receive their handpan in anything between 7-25 days, depending on whether the handpan is already in stock, the delivery address, and the choice of handpan (different handpans take different production times).
Country Delivery Time
Germany 8-15 days
United Kingdom 3-10 days
France 8-15 days
Poland 7-15 days
Austria 7-15 days
Switzerland 10-20 days
Italy 6-12 days
United States 7-15 days
Australia 7-15 days
Canada 10-15 days
Brazil 15-25 days
Japan 6-8 days
Delivery is completely free. Our mission is to make Handpans as available and affordable as possible for everyone, and for this reason, we provide express delivery to Germany, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy United States, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan.
When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking information. You can track the package on corresponding shipping carriers Website.

Payment & Pricing:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.
No, we do not offer any installments plan at this moment.
They never used to be. The first is because of supply and demand. The second reason is because relatively speaking, when an individual alone makes a handpan, it takes a seemingly lifetime of effort and time into doing so.
Based on our past 3 years’ experience making and selling handpans, we have noticed the general handpan market drop in price at a total of approximately $75 a year. So yes, you can expect to see handpans become cheaper, but not a lot and not too soon.

Maintenance and Care:

If you play your instrument correctly without using excessive force, it’s very unlikely that your instrument will go out of tune on its own.

Over long periods of time though (2 – 5 years), your instrument may shift in tune slightly. We have found that all of the notes on an aged Handpan will typically shift together. What this means is that over a long period of time your instrument may not be perfectly in tune to 440 Hz Western tuning, but will still be in tune to itself and will sound fine to a hobby player.

With that said, if you would like to have your instrument retuned, we are happy for you to send your Handpan back to our workshop for a retune. You would be responsible all postage costs and a small retune fee.
If you happen to damage your instrument from denting it or dropping it at waist height, in most circumstances we will be able to repair it for you. However, if you’ve dropped it from a 3 storey building or from a moving car, then, unfortunately, you would need to purchase a replacement.
No, a re-tune must be carried out by an expert who has experience in tuning these types of instruments. In most cases, someone who doesn’t know what they are doing will likely cause more harm than good. If you have purchased a Handpan from us and it requires a re-tune, please contact us.
Because Handpans are made out of metal, direct sunlight can cause them to become so hot that you could cook an egg on it!

When the metal heats up, it expands. This causes the notes of the drum to temporarily become lower. But it’s not just high temperatures that you need to be concerned about. When left in extremely cold temperatures, the opposite will occur and the metal will contract and the notes will become higher pitched.

When the instrument is returned to room temperature, the sound of the notes will usually go back to normal, however, it’s important to ensure not to store your Handpan in direct sunlight or leave it outside in the snow.
It’s extremely important that you remember to never lay your instrument face down on its notes. If stored in this way regularly, the pressure on these notes can eventually cause it to go out of tune. It is also very important to never leave it in the sun or outside in harsh weather conditions.

If you treat your instrument with love and care, you instrument will stay in tune for many, many years to come.

Customization and Affiliate Program:

No, a re-tune must be carried out by an expert who has experience in tuning these types of instruments. In most cases, someone who doesn’t know what they are doing will likely cause more harm than good. If you have purchased a Handpan from us and it requires a re-tune, please contact us.
We can definitely customise the tuning for a Generation 1 model and also in 432hz, that’s no problem!
All preorders (even custom orders) take between 3-4 weeks to produce and ship although in some exceptional cases, 3-5 weeks may be needed.
We now offer an affiliate program for influencers and referral sellers/buyers both on our website where affiliates can generate links for any of our products and be offered anything between 5%-10% of sales!Thank you!

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